O’ Canada…

The best Home and Native Land a gal could ask for. In spite of the occasional senate scandal and pathetic political tactics, I love you more with every passing day.

Enjoying a Canada Day Beavertail

I know that we’ve had a bit of a long distance relationship going these past few years, but absence makes the heart grow fonder. And though my passport may wander, I never forget your birthday. (That’s how a remote Costa Rican fishing village found itself hosting Canada Day festivities back in ’07)

This year was no exception. I braved long Beavertail lines, Port-A-Potties and an aerial assault of seagull poop to be in the heart of the action, in Ottawa’s downtown core.

I marvelled, as I do every year, at the joy and diversity that surrounded me. Proud Canadians flooding the streets in their red turbans, cowboy hats and hijabs –you’re ever the gracious host.

Young and old, tattooed and normal people inebriated and high-fiving strangers. You sure know how to entertain! That’s how countless funny, attractive & musically inclined Canadians have become household names the world over.

It was a spectacle to behold but still couldn’t compare to your big and beautiful geography. We are all so goddamn lucky to be here. Lucky to be a part of your story. Not always as grateful as we should be.

Ottawa Canada Day Fireworks
Canada Day fireworks in Canada’s Capital

O’ Canada

No matter where I roam, you’ll always be the one for me.

Among Canada’s kick-ass entertainers is Joel Plaskett Emergency. The title of this post was inspired by his lovely song “True Patriot Love”