Dear Earth,

Happy Birthday!

How old are you now? Like 4.5 billion years, or something? Don’t worry, you don’t look a day past 4.1. I’m serious! That Pacific garbage patch you’re always going on about is barely noticeable from here. It’s so far away, I bet you it doesn’t even cross people’s minds. Who cares what it looks like to Chris Hadfield! He’s an astronaut, not a stylist.

Listen, I’m sorry I haven’t checked in more often over the past year, I’ve had a lot of work emails and stuff to get to. It’s been slowing down a little though. I recently started reading this e-book on the importance of spending more time in nature. It’s a good read. Reeeally good. Worth pausing your Mad Men marathon for.

Currently rocking this reusable bag from b.b.begonia

So, I got you this reusable bag. I hope you like it. It’s green, our favourite colour. I mean, I know it’s probably not as nice as what David Suzuki or Leonardo Dicaprio are getting you, but I don’t have as good an eye for the environment as they do. Look, it’s got a cool picture of a tree and stuff on it. Isn’t that cute? I would have sprung for the real deal, but I figure you probably have a bunch of those already.

By the way, I meant to ask, did you get that plastic bottle I sent you last week? And the other 1,600lbs of stuff? Good. I know you’re all for using second hand stuff, so I thought you might like to keep it after I’m done using it – forever.

Anyhow, I gotta go work on my blog. Have a great rest of the day. I hope you’re enjoying being showered with praise, instead of just trash and toxins – must be a nice change.

I’ll send you some more stuff after dinner. We’re getting take out tonight 🙂



Ps. Are we still on for Mother’s Day brunch?