I introduce to you… Career Capsules, probiotics for your professional life!

Dorky perhaps, but it seemed like the appropriate metaphor for what I have to offer: insights on the the various factors I credit with keeping my career strong and resilient in the face of life’s unpredictables. Every once in a while, I’ll dispense summaries of what has worked for my working life and you can think about incorporating it into yours, or not.

On the one hand, I think “I don’t have all that much experience,” but on the other, I find myself in a more satisfying and stable employment situation than many friends of mine and have been asked for career support in a variety of ways. So I’ll try to put my guru hat on in the least pretentious way possible, in the hopes that it helps someone.

“Wait just a minute! Who are YOU to tell me what to do?”  Nobody. That’s why I’m not telling you what to do. Again, I’m telling you what factors I credit with leading me to an interesting, fulfilling and reasonably well remunerated career thus far. Here’s a snapshot of what that career has looked like:

  • Babysitter Extraordinaire to 3 extraordinary neighbourhood kids
  • Jackie-of-all-trades and only non-Arabic speaking employee of my local pizza place
  • Call Center Survey Pusher (short lived)
  • Perky & Heavily Perfumed Team Leader @ The Body Shop
  • Fair Trade crusader & paper pusher (intern)
  • Institutional fundraising and marketing intern at a global children’s charity
  • Project management assistant to government-funded international development project
  • Law school dropout
  • Commercial Relations Rep & unofficial Communications Kook at Fair Trade certifier
  • Independent Consultant and Writer (including, but not limited to, Nascent WordPress Blogger)

As with all of my blog posts, I’m sure that the exercise of distilling this information for an audience will bring me to some valuable reflection. It should on your end to. What has been working for you professionally and what hasn’t? If you’re feeling  generous, be sure to comment on these so we can all learn from your experience.


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